Sunday Brunch

Brunch Menu Available Sundays


Zucchini sticks with Blue Cheese $6.30

Zucchini sticks with blue cheese sauce.

Spanish Serrano Ham Croquettes $15.00

5 Creamy and crispy Serrano ham croquettes. Served with seasoned French Fries.

Fried Spanish Chistorra $6.50 (Mildly Spicy-Gluten Free)

Double Crispy Chicken $8.50

Fried breaded chicken breast with a delicious in-house made made mango sauce.

Mediterranean Blend Olives $4.50

Patatas Bravas $9.00

Spicy potatoes are one of Spain's most popular tapas.

Beef & Chorizo Empanada $15.00

3 empanadas filled with beef and chorizo meat, onions, tomato sauce, and green pepper with a touch of spicy. Served with house dressing

Chicken & Cheese Empanadas $15.00

3 empanadas filled with seasoned chicken (lime & cilantro) and cheese, served with house dressing 

Tempura Shrimp $15.50

Shrimp tempura with spicy bourbon and tomato sauce.

Tortilla Española $10.00
Spanish Egg and potato Omelette

Bomba De Carne $12.00

Minced veal interior and spicy chorizo breaded in potato and fried. Served with allioli and salsa Brava.

Red Pepper Hummus $9.00

Served with pita bread 


Bocadillo de Huevo $12.50

Hamburger bun, fried egg, spicy chorizo meat, fig jam. Served with French fries.

Bocadillo de Ternera $15.00

Baguette bread, marinated smoked beef, gouda cheese, fresh tomato, lettuce, allioli. Served with French fries.

Bocadillo de Butifarra $13.50

Baguette bread with tomato, grilled sausage, Stir fried vegetables (peppers, onions,carrots). Served with French fries.

Bocadillo de Jamón $14.25

Pannini bread, York ham, Gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato. Served with French fries. 


Pear Salad $11.00

Lettuce mix, pear, blue cheese, sliced almonds, cherry vinaigrette.

Catalan Spinach Salad $12.00

Fresh Spinach sautéed with bacon bits, onions, cranberries, peanut, cashews, and two slices of fried bacon on top.

Burrata Salad $11.50

Rich fresh and buttery texture mozzarella Flor-Di-Latte over a salad with tomato pesto sauce and pecans all dressed with a pinch of salt and olive oil.

Soups and Creams

Fresh Mushroom Cream $7.99

Topped with Serrano ham bits.

Pumpkin Cream $7.99

Topped with Serrano ham bits.


Spanish Charcuterie Plate $25.99

A selection of Spanish Serrano ham, Iberian Chorizo, Acorn feed Iberian Cabecero de Lomo, Mahon cheese, Sobrasada on toast with honey, grapes, pan con tomate (bread with red tomato and extra virgin olive oil)


Beignet $9.00

Deep fried beignet with pecan ice cream and glaze nuts. Indulge yourself!

Catalan Cream $8.00

Crema catalana

Typical Catalan dessert that reminds Creme Brûlée but infused with citrus & cinnamon. With a crunchy burnt caramel on the surface. Served cold.

Churros with Chocolate $9.00

Winter new dishes

Homemade Spanish Churros with "chocolate a la Tara" (hot thick chocolate). Dip them in the cup!

Tiramisú $7.99

Cream of cheese, coffee, and Cocoa